Victor: What the hell is the point of this?

Published: Sunday, 27 October 2019

THE Canal & River Trust tell us that it is pleased to welcome the Maelstrom Artwork Commission.

ArtWhirlpool200That I gather will have you wondering—what has it found to spend our money on now?

And well might you ask.  It's a whirlpool projection on Bridge 123G at Northgate on the Shroppie at Chester that will operate through the night from dusk until dawn.

CART tell us it is 'pleased to welcome this (projection) of a whirlpool that will animate the water by overlaying the effect of light and shadow, giving the impression that a whirlpool appears and disappears'.

It was our Keith Gudgin who brought this to my notice, adding—What the hell's the point of this?  As if there's not more urgent and pressing things to spend money on? 

To which I most certainly concur.

G4BulbsA real right rip-off

Spending our money brings to mind the G4 halogen bulbs, used nowadays in many boats, as in ours, and in the market for replacements it was of course a search of the internet.

Most of us know that is where the bargains are, and such a bargain we found—10 of 'em for a mere £3.99, and as part of an Amazon purchase and over the set postage free limit, no postage to pay.  Here's a picture.

Whilst searching we first found them on the Marine Super Store at various prices (depending on wattage) from £5.50 to £8.25each! 

Don't risk it

Cruising down the Trent from Sawley we often pass boats moored at the pub mooring with their sterns facing the flow, that is really stupidobviously showing they know no better.

LogAt the moment there are some quite hefty tree trunks and the like being washed down the river and even last week there was the tree (pictured) that had come down to Sawley Flood Lock.

The men can be seen tying it to their work boat to pull it back and plonk it on the weir, which means that eventually it will break up and go downstream past those moorings, and should any of the larger pieces hit the stern gear of a boat that is moored facing away from the flow, its gear will get a bashing.

In the marina in flood?

The notice received this morning that that Derwent Mouth Flood gates at Shardlow are now closed at Shardlow by the Environment Agency has us worrying that our moorings at Sawley Marina could be flooded as they were back in 2000 when the water rose around three feet above the jetties.

flood cottIn those days the then British Waterways had plenty of staff to make sure no boats sank, though the neighbouring Derby Motorboat Club was not so lucky with four sinking, being tied too tight.  And even the marina above Derwent Mouth Lock lost boats.

But what must be exceptionally worrying is that all those residents now at Sawley have to leave when the water reaches the jetties, for safety, which means they will be homeless.

As difficult as it is to believe, the picture shows Sawley Locks under water and at that time that there were boats floating over the towpath!

Needless to say we will shortly be on our way...

Victor Swift