Never seen the canal so in decay

Published: Thursday, 15 August 2019

We have travelled the Trent & Mersey from Harecastle Tunnel only to find a number of locks cordoned off, writes Margaret Richardson.

We were told that they were reported a year ago but CaRT do not have the staff to do the repairs, makes me wonder why licences are going up yet we have more volunteers than when it was British waterways where has the money been spent if not on qualified maintenance staff?

Canals are our heritage

We are travelling North towards the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, the locks that are at Kidsgrove and above. In 30 years of boating I have never seen the canal so in decay which is a travesty as the canals are our heritage.

We have reached Kings Lock at Middlewich and there are great slabs of concrete falling into the canal which limit the moorings.