Knocked over by idiot cyclist

Published: Thursday, 15 August 2019

I DID not realise I could write to complain of actual strikes by the fast cyclists on  canal side paths, writes Douglas Parker.

I too have been knocked over by an idiot cyclist going hell for leather on the Trent & Mersey Canal path opposite the football stadium in Stoke, and to add insult to injury he yelled at me words like 'f*** off  this is for cyclists', and sped off towards Stoke.

Specially resurfaced for cyclists

Like your correspondent I too am very wary of walking on canal side paths, as it is long and straight and has been specially resurfaced to allow cyclists to go fast.

I have friends who live in Trentham who used to exercise their dogs on this path, but talking to them discovered that they too find it to dangerous, with one of their dogs being injured and needing the vet, and I was also told it was on a lead, but the cyclist brushed close and caught it, and as expected then disappeared at speed.

Ramps to slow them down

I hope that publicising it will make those responsible to put some ramps in to slow them down.  I obtained your particulars from a friend who has a boat on the canal.