Knocked down and injured by cyclist

Published: Thursday, 15 August 2019

IT IS NOT only the Guardian that is reporting this subject. In the Daily Telegraph website recently, there was a letter from Anne Woods, Graham Booth reports, saying:

Earlier this year a cyclist knocked me down on the Trent & Mersey Canal towpath. I broke my elbow and injured my knees and hands. The elbow required surgery, from which I am still recovering.

Failed to give adequate warning

The cyclist failed to give adequate warning of his approach, only sounding the bell when virtually upon us. There were no visibility problems. In my opinion, it was a complete lack of consideration for others that caused this accident.

It was once delightful to walk along the canal, but, sadly, I now feel it has become too perilous. Action must be taken to ensure the safety of all those who wish to enjoy canal towpaths.

Plagued by cyclists

The letter referred to stated:

Not only roads are plagued by cyclists

Over the past few years the Canal & River Trust has been improving towpaths and encouraging more people to enjoy the peace and relaxation of the waterways. Sadly, towpaths are now taken for speedways by cyclists in Lycra who rush along shouting loudly to each other.

They have no regard for families walking along the towpath, anglers peacefully fishing, nor boaters sitting out enjoying a drink. I have seen joggers and normal paced cyclists forced into the undergrowth and one elderly lady reduced to tears because she and her dog were both deaf and were now too frightened by fast bicycles to walk there any more.

Just because cycling is healthy, cyclists do not have rights above everyone else. And I would point out that anglers pay for a rod licence and boat owners pay for a cruising licence.