Is it obvious why it happened? (Part 2)

Published: Thursday, 15 August 2019

IS LACK of inspection [Toddbrook Reservoir] the complete answer? Questions Bill Ridgeway.

It was stated in a previous article "I don't know about others, but it wasn't very long before we all knew why it had happened - —lack of inspection and lack of maintenance". I would not query whether or not the dam was inspected. It is one thing to inspect (look at) something. It is quite a different step to actually notice something and yet another step to assess whether or not what is seen is a significant threat and yet another step to take remedial action.

An analogy

As an analogy we are advised to check our car weekly—which, in reality, is possibly stretched to two weeks or so. When for example (dear reader) you check your car to find the engine oil level is low (but not below the minimum markso it's no threat) do you top it up just in case or leave it until next time? By then the engine may fail (rather expensively) because the oil level has fallen below a critical level. It's all down to assessment, perception and attitude to risk.

The inspector may have inspected the dam and (as long as it's been done competently) recommended action but it is for his seniors (not necessarily superiors) to assess the risk and decide whether or not to take action and to commit to a plan and resources to eliminate the risk.