CaRT not telling

Published: Thursday, 25 July 2019

I was extremely pleased to read Keith Gudgin's report about Atherstone Flight, as its broken lock is not in the stoppage pages of CaRT, writes Jules Rackam.

We are heading up the Coventry, and beforehand, as you have to do these days, we search the stoppage pages to make sure we could get along the Coventry to the Oxford, and there was nothing showing.

Nothing shown

So imagine my surprise to read Keith's report that a collar had busted and the Atherstone Flight was closed, and with nothing shown on stoppage pages we don't know if it is mended or not, as CaRT can hardly say it is mended when they have not first said it was broken!

This is most worrying if stoppages are not being listed, as on a fairly strict itinerary being held up means we will be unable to get back to our moorings, so we are not risking it and taking to the Birmingham & Worcester instead.


The lock was repaired and the flight open on Saurday, but CaRT did not issue a notice until Tuesday...