'What about it's customers?'

Published: Thursday, 25 July 2019

That piece [spending on ITV] appalled me and I fear it is indicative of an organisation gone rogue and out of control, writes Tony Brooks.

It is not the actual content but that someone who is responsible for paying CaRT thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and adding to their so called visitor numbers should feel their business might be subject to retaliation by CaRT just for reporting the reality of the CaRT priorities and the effect it is having.

Leaving CaRT waters

I myself am in the process of selling my boat and leaving CaRT waters for good because of the way they now treat boaters who try to play by their rules like the threats to set car parking companies onto them (Ashby Canal), preventing convenient resupply on an out and back 10 day trip (Banbury, South Oxford Canal), and having a movement and mooring recording system that is inadequate and far from accurate.

One could end up in court because of the shortcomings in their recording. So the list goes on but you cover other aspects very well.

Stand up and be counted

Boaters MUST stand up and be counted now. We know the results of the so-called boaters survey this year yet no action seems to have been taken. I am thankful that I am old enough to not be around to see the end of inland cruising when CaRT have run the infrastructure into the ground while the senior executives have trousered our money (tax and their charges) and walked away.

[Tony Brooks operates www.tb-training.co.uk with free help and advice for ordinary boaters.]