What about its customers?

Published: Wednesday, 24 July 2019

WHAT so annoyed me about the advertising of Canal & River Trust on ITV was its total disregard of its customers.

It was expounding about its towpaths and telling how much better it is by water for visitors and cyclists yet though the rather long advert could surely have, it made no mention of encouraging people to actually hire a boat on its canals.

Failure to keep waterways open

As the owner of a boat hire company, who like many others of our ilk, have suffered by Canal & River Trust's failure to keep many of its waterways open during the prime season last year, a little help in the form of a 'mention' in what must be a most expensive prime time advertising campaign would not have come amiss.

Our season is very short, and to have boats stuck in the yard owing to the many stoppages preventing our customers fulfilling their holidays, should surely warrant a little help from Canal & River Trust, instead of its ludicrous devotion to get people to its towpaths.

Where is its loyalty? Not to us, its customers.

[Though we rarely publish articles without a name, the author of this article is well known to us, and being concerned about repercussions from CaRT, asks that we omit the name, to which we have acceded.]