Not looking too good for the Leicester Section

Published: Wednesday, 24 July 2019

THE comment from CaRT that the Leicester Section is in 'drought management' doesn't portent too well.

The past two years have seen that part of the Grand Union Canal closed through lack of water, ourselves just missing being stuck 'on the wrong side' two years ago.

Lock closed

And now our Keith Gudgin reports that from next Monday, 29th, Double Rail Lock (31) below Kilby Bridge will be closed as the decision has been made to repair its cill that is badly leaking.

There is no intimation why this was not done during the winter maintenance period, as our log shows the cill was in bad repair when we passed through in 2017. At that time strips were installed on lock gates above Kings Lock to prevent leakage, but no work was shown to be done on leaking cills, with the one at Double Rail Lock obviously now  urgent.

We are told the repair will take three days, but this is stated as being an 'estimation'. The work in 2017 took five days to complete.