Most ridiculous idea yet

Published: Monday, 15 October 2018

SO IT SEEMS that those at Canal & River Trust (and I certainly don't trust them) have had their most ridiculous idea yet, writes James Henry.

I am of course referring to its scheme that it has persuaded both Defra and Islington Council to support in providing moorings solely for boaters that only use electricity for both cooking and heating.  No stoves burning, no generators or engines running.

Never met all-electric cruising boat

No doubt some of you will know I have been boating a long time as Tom has allowed me to write in these pages since first published, yet in all that time during over a hundred cruises I have never met an all-electric cruising boat, though I have seen a couple with small electric ovens and toasters that they can use at their moorings, and with a separate alternator on the engine that will power the low wattage ones.  But they cannot use it for heating as it cannot produce the power, so rely on a stove with one backing theirs with a diesel powered heater.

But no doubt that heater will not be allowed on those eco moorings as it gives out diesel fumes and no stoves are allowed either, so electric heaters will have to be purchased.  And just for one mooring!

Not allowed to moor

Unless there are boaters prepared to install an electric oven and heater to plug into the supplied power, they will not be allowed to moor.

As I cannot see anyone daft enough, then one thing is for certain—those very expensive moorings will remain well and truly empty.