Scheme does have merit

Published: Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Like the majority of boaters, I find most of CaRT's plans and schemes rather silly and ill thought out.
Their latest scheme for electric only consumer boats, does have merit, writes Charles Hooghkirk.

My boat has a solid fuel Rayburn, for cooking and heating there being no gas on board, nor any provision for gas.

Two hob cooker

In the past summer when the temperatures were in the high 20's, we used an electric two hob cooker and a small electric oven placed on the Rayburn. The power supply from the marina ensured we had hot meals and beverages whenever we required.

My electrical system includes an immersion heater for domestic hot water and showers. An oil filled heater, or space heater could also be connected, thus fulfilling CaRT's .requirements.

Not unique

My boat is not unique, many have inverters capable with suitable battery capacity to at least boil a kettle.. On a shore based power point the possibilities are endless.
CaRT's latest scheme has merit.