Another man pushed into a canal

Published: Thursday, 11 October 2018

I WAS told about your website as it had a story about a man pushed into a canal and I too had the same, what was to me a terrifying experience, writes Kerr Noble.

The man in question was able to get out and did not seem any the worse for wear, but I was walking down the canal [Worcester & Birmingham Canal] in Worcester when a man came level with me and pushed me into the water then he was gone, but the shock of the cold water knocked me out (I am 82) and was unable to get out and it was a terrifying experience for me as I thought I was going to drown, but a couple came, I don't know from which direction, and the man stepped into the water to reach me and pull me out.

Was not a robber

Like in the other instance, I have no idea who the man who pushed me was, and it wasn't to rob me as I had money in a wallet having just been shopping, with a resulting bag full of goods, but the man obviously wasn't out to rob me, just to push me into the water.

My rescuers were worried about my condition and called an ambulance and I was taken to hospital but released a few hours later after I was checked over and arranged for dry clothes, and having obtained the address of my rescuers wrote and thanked them, as without attempting to dramatise the situation if they had not pulled me out I could have died, and though they wanted nothing, the least I could do was to send the lady flowers.

Never use canal again

This happened a fortnight ago, but though I have often used the canal to get my shopping, I shall never do so again, and would like to take your pages to warn, particularly older people, to give it a miss as there is a real risk of someone being killed with maniacs like that man about.

It all happened so quickly that I just did not get any description of the man whatsoever, so cannot give a better warning.