Breach closes Mac—again!

Published: Friday, 12 October 2018

Another breach has occurred on the Macclesfield Canal with water draining into a culvert

As a result stop planks are now installed between bridges 52 and 53 above Bosley Flight with the waterway again closed, Keith Gudgin tells us.

Latest of a series

It is not yet known how bad the problem is so no intimation as to the repair is known, but it is the latest of a series of breaches of the canal that was only recently re-opened.

In July last year the canal was closed owing to a 'leak' (as Canal & River Trust prefers to call them) at Bollington Aqueduct, then in May of this year the waterway failed between bridges 38 and 39, then there was the long stoppage caused by a further 'leak' at Bollington.