Are they in danger of sinking?

Published: Thursday, 11 October 2018

HAVING completed our cruise to Bath and back I passed the numerous boats moored on the Kennet & Avon that are supposedly in danger of sinking, writes James Henry.

Your article mentioned the boats moored between Bath and Devizes, but most of the boats are nearer Bath, where there are whole lines of them, but nearly all are steel and if they have the required Boat Safety Certificate I don't see any danger of sinking as they should have been inspected and therefore should be sound.

Absence of licences

Or is that the rub? They don't have BSC or even licences, as the absence of many so proved.  And as for insurance—forget it!

Are they really little more that 'dossers' who don't pay their way and this '20 to 30 in danger of sinking' just another way of getting hand-outs, as we are told some are on social security?