Magnet fishing out of proportion

Published: Thursday, 27 September 2018

It seems that this sport has 'exploded' out of proportions writes Kevin McNiff.

Midlands TV covering a raft of discoveries from bridge ‘oles, mostly scrap metal and bikes, cycles and motor, but an alarming collection of weapons such including revolvers, rifles, samurai swords and hand grenades!

Jumping on the bandwagon

This is causing a lot of work for the police and bomb squad, who have to deal with the artefacts. Officials are pointing out the potential danger of this new craze and of course CaRT is jumping in on the bandwagon saying it would be better and safer to leave the canal bed alone while pointing out it is against byelaws to remove objects from canals which could lead to a £25 fine (and, I’m told, a criminal record!).

It proves a couple of points; CaRT would rather a boat discover a potentially live grenade to wreak havoc on it and it’s crew if it went off and it also proves that given the age of some of this scrap, CaRT have not dredged bridge ‘oles over a vast swathe of the country.

Fake news

Well we all knew that, so once again the trust has created another piece of fake news to have a hole blown through it!

You couldn’t make it up.