When the lies started?

Published: Thursday, 27 September 2018

With regards CaRT lies as written about by Victor, writes Jim Bond.

I feel it all started way back in 2015 when CaRT blamed the erosion of the towpath along Caen Hill locks on someone deliberately opening the locks at the top of the flight.

Impossible to flood

It is impossible for it to flood as all locks pounds on Caen Hill have by-weirs which are checked daily for blockages, to protect from such flooding, the lock pound which flooded had been leaking for years and was steadily getting worse year on year.

Even after the towpath was repaired the lock still leaked badly until a specialist firm pumped gallons of sealant through the lock walls.

Nobody questioned

CaRT seemed to get away with their fabrication of the truth as nobody questioned it but the towpath was repaired to a higher standard in keeping with the policy of making towpaths more useable for speeding cyclists.