Put someone capable in charge

Published: Wednesday, 22 August 2018

IN THE days of British Waterways we cannot recollect a single error in its stoppage notices, though of course there were nowhere near as many as at present.

But now, time after time the stoppage notices issued by Canal & river Trust are either misleading or totally incorrect, to such an extent that boaters are telling us they cannot rely on them anymore.

Boaters getting the blame

Not only incorrect stoppage notices, but all too often boaters are getting the blame for what could not possibly be their fault, such as recently stating that a pound was drained as a boater left all paddles open when leaving a lock, for if all paddles were open the lock could not work.

Yesterday, Tuesday, a stoppage notice told that there was a boat 'partially sunk'—another new definition of a sunken boat—in Westwick Lock closing the Ure, and 'its recovery will take place on the 19th of September'.

Straight away

Yet as is now normal, River Canal Rescue were straight away on the job and the boat cleared from the lock with the Ure once again open.

It really needs someone who understands the workings of the waterways in charge of stoppage notices, they are becoming a laughing stock.