Middlewich open—by Christmas!

Published: Wednesday, 01 August 2018

THE repair of the breach on the Middlewich Branch, it still progressing—but slowly.

Canal & River Trust is hoping to have the repair completed by Christmas, Keith Gudgin tells us.

Middlewich 400Very slowly

Work, as can be assumed, is progressing very slowly, with the access road to the breach only just completed, having taken  five months.

This means that equipment can be transported to the site allowing work to commence, but according to the trust this will take another five months, it promising that the breach will be repaired by the end of the year.

No such urgency

What a difference with the two breaches on the Llangollen Canal that were very hastily repaired in a matter of weeks, for of course that canal supplies water to the reservoir at Hurleston, but on other canals there is no such urgency as again is being showed.