Taking advantage of stoppages

Published: Monday, 30 July 2018

I HAVE been talking to some continuous cruisers on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal who are not too concerned over the stoppages, Kevin Howard writes.

I was visiting my boat that I can say is 'marooned' on the canal virtue of Canal & River Trust, with little likelihood of our having our usual August cruise this year, so we have decided to sell as I can't see things improving under this lot.

Desperate to move but cannot

But I digress. Just up from my moorings are continuous cruisers, held up by chained-up locks in both directions, who are taking advantage having the luxury of nearby shopping and facilities.  I have nothing against these, I may add, as they do move around and they cause no problems, and there is one who is desperate to move but who cannot.

I for one do not blame those who are not bothered about moving and so taking advantage of their forced stoppage, at least someone gets a bit of benefit.

All the canals buggered

But what a start to the long summer holiday time, with canal after canal with stoppages and countless boats stuck and unable to move, especially here in the North where all the canals are buggered.

I just cannot resist a simple question to those at Canal & River Trust: Do you really think that the waterways are better than ever before? If you do then you are bonkers (to use a northern saying).