Warnings of Avon safety

Published: Wednesday, 04 January 2017

THE Bath safety group, the Bath & North East Somerset River Safety Group, is warning about the dangers of the Avon through the city.

In its message, as the result of the many drownings in the river, it is looking at what can be done to save the  'deaths that have happened following socialising', Alan Tilbury reports.

Take a taxi

Martin Veal, a councillor who is part of the river safety organisation advised:

"At this time of year when people are out enjoying themselves, particularly at night time, we would remind them to think about their journey home. Take a licenced taxi if you have been drinking and if you are walking, stay with your friends."

As reported in narrowboatworld, there have been 12 drowning in the river at Bath, mostly students after a night out at the clubs and/or pubs, and though fencing was erected along part of the river, it has not proved successful is preventing more deaths.

Taking a taxi home is indeed good advice, but it has been told time and time again that people ignore such advice.