Smartphone bridge operation

Published: Wednesday, 04 January 2017

FOLLOWING on from the successful trial of operating the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal bridge by smartphone, Scottish Canals are pursuing a similar scheme.

This means that boaters themselves would be able to open canal bridges with their smartphones, that eventually will dispense with bridge operators, Alan Tilbury tells us.

Use of an app

Scottish Canals is examining the possible use of an app on a smartphone that will trigger traffic lights stopping traffic then operate the bridge mechanism, with lasers being installed to show that the bridge is clear of cars and pedestrians before it is moved.

With certain bridges at present, boaters have to wait until staff can come and operate the bridge, so the new system would prevent boaters having to wait, neither would they have to leave their boats.


Scottish Canals Infrastructure Director Richard Millar explained:

"There is a trial on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, which includes several trunk road bridges over the canal. Scottish Canals is thinking as innovatively as we can.

"Rather than having to wait for the bridge keeper to arrive, boaters could operate the bridge using an app."

But at the moment there is no funding available.