Holiday homes for Barton Marina

Published: Friday, 02 October 2009

IT SEEMS Barton Marina is taking over the idea of holiday homes, first mooted last year by Stenson Marina.

Plans have been put forward to build a total of 48 holiday homes at the marina on the Trent & Mersey Canal, with Barry Morgan having lodged an application with East Staffordshire Borough Council to build the accommodation, Alan Tilbury reveals.

This also includes more parking areas, rubbish facilities and the further contouring of the land.

The application states:

'The purpose of the development is to offer the public the opportunity to purchase a traditional pinewood lodge for a number of years as a holiday lodge.

'The owners will not be permitted to use the lodges as their permanent residence." The size of the site proposed to cover the lodges is 4.17 hectares'.

Barton Marina was opened in 2001, and the Waterfront in 2007, which includes various outlets and a pub at a cost of £5 millions.