Not so popular

Published: Sunday, 04 October 2009
THE number of people accessing narrowboatworld during September was a lot less than the previous month.

The total number of visits to the Home page, as registered by our server, 1&1, were 135,942, much lower than August when it reached a record of 193,658. This of course this was due to the fact that there were no updates for part of the month as we were away boating during September. (Sometimes doing silly things like attempting to go through tunnels that were not wide enough!)

But the server adds a proviso that 'some information is not thoroughly acquired,' so the actual number is somewhat higher.

With so much information, many knowledgeable contributers, others using it to express their views and its virtually daily news updates, we can safely claim to be the Voice of the Waterways, though one or two are objecting.