Thieves who broke into boats jailed

Published: Monday, 10 August 2009

TWO thieves who altogether broke into 18 boats on the River Great Ouse were quickly caught and have both been jailed.

The two, James Parkinson and Khushmet Bardell, broke into boats at St. Ives stealing two televisions, a generator and other expensive items and it seems all the alcohol they could find, Alan Tilbury reveals.

Huntingdon Magistrates' Court was told that after they had stolen the items they then tried to steal a car but were unsuccessful, so instead stole a dingy, and loaded the items into it and paddled down river.

However they were spotted by a police officer using night vision goggles, with the officer tracking the two until they pulled into the bank and started unloading the stolen goods. Calling up reinforcements, the two thieves were then arrested in the early hours of the 3rd July.

The two admitted three counts of theft and three of criminal damage to boats, with Khushmet Bardel jailed for six months for each of the three theft counts and two months for each of the three criminal damage charges, to be served concurrently.

James Parkinson however was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at Peterborough Crown Court at a later date.

There were also two accomplices, a 17 years old youth and a 19 years old woman, who have been sentenced separately.

The Court was told that the four involved had been previously drinking and swimming in a lock on the river.