No marina for Lanhom

Published: Sunday, 09 August 2009

FOR the second time planning permission for a marina on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Lathom has been refused.

Even though the planning officer concerned recommended the plans be passed, once again it was refused, though the number of berths had been halved from 82 to just 40.

There were bitter arguments at the council meeting at Ormskirk when the members went against the planning officer's recommendation, and even 55 letters signed by 280 people in favour of the application had no effect with councillors turning down Paul Martland's application once again.

He had hopes the new plans would be passed following the officer's recommendation, for there were no objections from either British Waterways or the West Lancashire Conservation Areas Advisory Panel.

However, 21 letters of objection listing a number of complaints were also received, as well as objections from Lathom and Burscough parish councils, and so members refused permission after hearing representations against the application, with vociferous objections to the proposed marina from a packed public gallery.