Another marina for Trent & Mersey

Published: Friday, 26 June 2009

Notwithstanding a massive marina being built at Aston on the Trent & Mersey, another multi-millions pound marina is planned for Middleport on the waterway.

It was announced this week that plans have been put in to turn an arm off the waterway into a marina for 200 plus boats, with the usual 'spin' that it 'will boost tourism and create jobs'.

Members of the Burslem Port Project have submitted its ideas for inclusion in Renew North Staffordshire's masterplan for Middleport, and is picking a preferred option from three ideas before consulting with the public again in August.

Its Project Officer David Dumbelton explained:

"A marina will have the greatest commercial value to it and there could be a pub or pub/restaurant near it at the southern end of Newport Lane."

This would require opening the old disused canal arm, but as there are derelict wharf buildings along the arm, this is seen as the possibility of development for housing, which is borne out by David's:

"We would like to see the construction of a marina and think the canal and housing needs to be part of an integrated plan for it to have true benefits."

The Inland Waterways Association, the Trent & Mersey Canal Society and British Waterways have made representations relating to the proposed marina.