More upset for Wey & Arun

Published: Wednesday, 01 June 2011

THOUGH the Wey and Arun Canal Trust has done marvellous work in the restoration of the waterway, it seems it is not without its opponents.

Regular readers may well remember the objections to the fence on the new bridge in Loxford, that the trust however were forced to erect under the health and safety rules, though a compromise was eventually reached.

Not fit-in

Now, residents are objecting for the trust's plans for a visitor centre in the village, even though it would bring visitors, the complaint being that it would not fit-in with the character of  its surroundings.

Chichester District Council is due  to consider the trust's bid to obtain planning consent for the centre, having deferred a decision last month to give members time to visit the site, though they were being advised by officers to grant permission.


The trust has told the council the centre is needed to replace the inadequate existing ‘stall' attached to the pub from where the public buy tickets for boat trips on the waterway, that have increased significantly, and that better facilities are required.