MP hears IWA concerns

Published: Monday, 30 May 2011

THE Member of Parliament for the Congleton Constituency, Fiona Bruce, met with members of the Inland Waterways Association to hear their concerns about the future of the waterways.

Like many others, the association is concerned about funding for the waterways when it becomes a charity, and Fiona understood their concerns when she met with the members at Wardle Lock at Middlewich, Alan Tilbury tells us.


The concerns of course are that sufficient funding is currently not being made available to enable this changeover without  further deterioration of the waterways, already caused by so much mis-spending.

Fiona recently became a member of the Inland Waterways Association, and listened to members' fears and promised to bring  them up at Westminster.

Secretary for Chester and District branch of the IWA, Gillian Bolt, remarked:

"We're very concerned about the level of funding. How they can expect to maintain a 250 years old structure, which is a natural treasure, with diminishing sums of money, is beyond us. We're absolutely delighted Fiona came down. It really shows that members of parliament are very much behind us."