More Brentford waterside development

Published: Tuesday, 29 March 2011

PLANNING permission has been granted for more of the waterside Brentford Lock West regeneration scheme by the side of the Grand Union Canal.

ISIS Waterside Regeneration has been granted permission for a 16 acres mixed use development which is set to transform the land surrounding the waterway, the plans being submitted in November 2010.

Residential and commercial

The proposal includes plans to turn the derelict buildings and vacant land into a 'thriving waterside community' which will encompass residential, commercial and leisure use.

The proposal includes the development of up to 520 homes and  7,650 square yards of commercial space, with  £2 millions being earmarked for investment into health and education facilities in the area.

'Embrace the waters edge'

Key to the proposal is the redevelopment of 'high quality public realm'(!) including communal courtyards which will 'embrace the water's edge' and the creation of green space for residents and businesses alike, as well as private roof terraces, gardens and balconies.

However for the boater, the view of the few remaining waterside building will go, replaced by tower blocks, as are already opposite the new development, as can be seen in the photograph above.