Chance to influence the future

Published: Friday, 25 March 2011

AS PREVIOUSLY reported, British Waterways is recruiting people to sit on the various Boards, and is at present concentrating on the West Midlands and North West areas.

At present this is a trial, but gives the opportunity for boaters to volunteer, and possibly have the opportunity to influence how the waterways are managed in the future.

Waterways Trust

For of course it is all part of the move by British Waterways into a charity, many believe under the name of British Waterways Trust, or perhaps the higher sounding National Waterways Trust, that was outlined by the government.

There will be 11 waterway regions covering England and Wales, with each having Local Partnership Boards, that will be appointed by the then new charity, we are told to 'give guidance' to local decisions, working with local managers.

Looking for chairmen

David Fletcher, Chairman of the National Association of Boat Owners and Roger Hanbury, Chief Executive of the Waterways Trust are at present looking for the chairmen for two trial Local Partnership Boards.

Once appointed, these chairmen, together with local waterway managers will appoint the volunteer members to the partnerships. These volunteers will be unpaid, though expenses will be met.

This will all come to fruition by the 1st May.