Boaters and the Census

Published: Wednesday, 16 March 2011

ALL those living on a boat, whether resident or continuous cruising must complete the 2011 Census, it is a legal requirement.

It is vital that the census counts everyone. If you live on a boat, you should receive, complete and return a questionnaire.

Considered a residence

If your boat is at a permanent  mooring it will be considered to be a residence and you should receive a questionnaire to complete. You will need a paper questionnaire even if you wish to complete the census online as it contains information needed to access the questionnaire.

If you have not received your 2011 Census questionnaire by 18th March you are asked to request one.


If you live at a marina which has a manager, the facility may be treated as a communal establishment. The manager will provide you with an individual questionnaire, give support if you need help to complete it and collect the completed questionnaire.

If you have not received a questionnaire before census day, contact the manager. If they cannot provide you with a questionnaire, please contact the census office.

Continuous cruiser

If a continuous cruiser you still must complete the census, and should you not have received  the questionnaire it can be sent to an address for you to collect.

You will need to:

  • give information about your usual residence, for example the name of the boat and your current location, and

  • give details, including postcode, of the address to which we can send your questionnaire.

To obtain the questionnaire:

England phone number 0300 0201 101. Options 5,5,5.

Wales 0300 0201 130. Options not known.

Scotland is 0300 123 1702.  Options not known.

Our thanks to Sue of No Problem for the information.