Counteracting the bad publicity

Published: Wednesday, 01 December 2010

A NEW notice has been produced to attempt to counteract the bad publicity concerning the state of the waterways.

This notice was displayed at the recent Hanwell Flight Open Weekend, that was promoted to show the public how the waterway was being maintained.


However, our contributor Roger Fox was more concerned at what was being done besides clearing out and repairing brickwork in one set of side ponds, which have three operating levels, and asked about the restoration of the side paddles, and told us:

"I failed to get a straight answer, but I suspect that this set are only being cosmetically restored and operational paddles will not be fitted. Why not fit them, keep them locked and operate them for demonstrations now and again?

"Needless to say there was no access to the ponds under restoration, only to a temporary bridge over the drained lock."

Many boaters we feel will not accept that money comes from 'commercial income' having lost £55 millions on  just two commercial ventures, as reported in narrowboatworld.