Towpath cyclist had heart attack

Published: Friday, 24 September 2010

THE man who fell off his cycle into the Kennet & Avon Canal near Avoncliff died of a heart attack after heavy drinking

An inquest heard that  he was cycling home from the Cross Guns pub at about 10pm on 22nd March, having been drinking since 3pm, Alan Tilbury tells us.

Identified by boater

The body of John Macfarlane, 65, was found floating face down in the canal the following day, and was identified by boater Anthony Sewell, who moored nearby.

Pathologist Dr Ian Cook, told his blood count was three times that of the legal driving limit, and it was revealed he was a heavy smoker. Assistant  Deputy Coroner Ian Singleton concluded that John Macfarlane fell into the cold water of the canal, due perhaps to the poor light or the effects of alcohol, and suffered a fatal heart attack.