Boater lost everything

Published: Friday, 24 September 2010
THE boater who was badly burned last weekend when his boat caught fire on the Lee & Stort near Harlow was doing his best to prevent a catastrophe.

His fibre-glass boat was moored beside the children's play area at the popular Moorhen pub and restaurant when the fire broke out, which our correspondent Adrian Barnes tells  quickly engulfed the entire boat in a ball of fire.

Thrown out gas bottles

The owner, Peter, was seen to remain on the burning vessel until he had thrown one gas bottle onto the towpath and a second into the cut, before throwing himself into the water.

Staff from the Moorhen restaurant provided a room for the emergency treatment of the 56 years old, along with substantial amounts of ice, which is critical to initial burn treatment.

Has nothing

Neighbouring boaters, though they had not known the boater, Peter, for long, explained:

"He is the nicest guy you could meet. everyone says so. He didn't have much, and now even that is all gone. When he comes out of hospital he doesn't even have any clothes, let alone a place to live."

Raise a few pounds

Chris Taylor, moored next to Peter at the time of the fire, would welcome suggestions on how to raise a few pounds to help Peter back to his feet, or at least buy him some clothes.

The Moorhen restaurant is keen to provide the venue, so please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your bright ideas, suggests our correspondent.

Peter was badly burnt, but is now in a specialist burns unit and is recovering.