Wary of the claims

Published: Friday, 17 September 2010

MANY boaters these days are wary of the claims made for low voltage electrical products, as many just will not stand up to the rigours of boating.

Many 12 volts electrical devices will not tolerate the fluctuations of the supply from a modern alternator, and very quickly fail under such conditions.

The products from one company however does not suffer such problems, in fact its voltage stabiliser is made to handle such fluctuations, and is proving popular with those boaters who are finding that such as the new LED lighting suffers from the high voltage from modern boat engine alternators.

Its products stand the test of time, as Amperor supplied us with a battery charger over a year ago (pictured) that is still going strong, and unlike most, gives a controlled charge to the three batteries to their capacity.

Boaters interested in its products can see its new website at: