What a mess

Published: Wednesday, 25 August 2010

KIRKLEES Council have just spent an undisclosed sum on producing and distributing 7,000 leaflets to promote cycling, particularly on the canal towpaths.

However the finished product was so bad the entire leaflet has had to be re-printed as it really highlighted a total lack of understanding of the area as even Kirklees, which surely should have been immediately spotted was printed as Kirtles!


But worse was to come with Cleckheaton becoming Czechisation, while Kirkburton was shown as Kirkpatrick and  Birstall was printed as Bistable.

Even the promoted bike shops didn't escape with Spen Velo being changed to Supen Vole whilst Greenway cycle route came out as Supen Valley Greenyard!

Local staff

A new version of the leaflet is being been created, and  completely checked by local staff who know the area and its names.

Alas no one has checked to see if the actual promoted cycle routes are to Sustrans detailed specification, which eventually might require yet another reprint.

But the most spectacular mistake of all in the leaflet was British Waterways' email address:


We shall refrain from commenting...