United Utilities figures disagree with BW's

Published: Wednesday, 25 August 2010

THE weekly figures issued by the water utility United Utilities of its reservoir levels do not agree with those of British Waterways.

Further to my last comment on the current canal restrictions, I have just visited the United Utilities Web site and looked at their current reservoir levels,writes Frank Hurst.

It appears that as of today some of the levels are slightly down on their yearly position, but also some are higher. This begs the question are things as bad as we are led to believe?

These are the United Utilities figures Published on website as of 19th August 2010: [Pennine sources relates to Leeds & Liverpool Canal area.]

Actual stock  Change since last week   Normal year   Last year

Regional total        67.0%              -0.8%                             70.6%              82.3%
Pennine sources    53.8%              -0.4%                             66.0%              75.1%