Regents ramp is to alleviate conflict

Published: Friday, 11 June 2010

THE redesign of the ramp on the Regents Canal is needed to help alleviate conflict between towpath cyclists and pedestrians, who have right of way on the canal towpath, British Waterways Waterway Manager Jon Guest, writes.

British Waterways has instructed its contractor, May Gurney, to carry out upgrade works to the ramp at the Danbury Street entrance to the Regent's Canal.

Working together

Thousands of cyclists, walkers, boaters and joggers use this stretch of towpath every week, and British Waterways and Transport for London have been working for a number of years to help people access the Regents Canal safely.

British Waterways believes that the majority of towpath users share and enjoy the towpath amicably; unfortunately a minority of speeding cyclists mean that we have had to install a number of measures along the 200-year-old waterway network to try and slow cyclists down. In this particular location we have trialled chicanes, which did not work, causing more problems for pedestrians and those with buggies, wheel chairs and bike attachments for children.

Six months process

The design of the ramp was discussed with local users, including walkers, boaters, cyclists and local residents, as well as cycling groups and volunteers who help to promote the Two Tings message of sharing the towpath. This six months process saw amendments made to the original design and feedback acted upon. During the construction of the ramp, which has had some problems, British Waterways has involved Cllr Klute, and discussed design amends and taken into consideration his concerns.


In the meantime, my apologies for those who have been inconvenienced by the works at Danbury Street, please bear with us while these works are undertaken.

For more information about Two Tings and to access the off-towpath cycling route that's more suitable for people who want to travel on their bikes at speed in this area, visit:

www.waterscape, com/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.