Conference to promote towpaths

Published: Friday, 28 May 2010

BRITISH Waterways and the Environment Agency are again hosting a conference in Wales to promote the towpaths of their waterways.

The conference, to be held at Cardiff International White Water Centre on the 16th June will feature presentations by specialists in the field of water related activities, each of which will be highlighting the importance of water to the health and future prosperity of Wales.

A spokesman for BW tells us that this conference will focus on the waterways of Wales and show how these water based recreational assets make a vital contribution to national economic, social and tourism priorities.

Improving health

The presentations will showcase the ways in which waterways and their towpaths can play a key part in improving people's health; support the rural and urban economy; engage people in their cultural heritage.

The conference will cover themes as wide ranging as the role of volunteering and the third sector, to a strategic assessment of economic benefits brought about by the SPLASH funding scheme.