Swans rule—okay!

Published: Friday, 28 May 2010

A SWAN on the Cam is  making life difficult for boaters on the river in Cambridge, particularly the rowers.

The swan, now given the name of Mr  Asbo  is facing eviction from the river, with Cam Conservators having applied to Natural England after first approaching the Queen for permission to move it away from the area.

The swan objects to anything on its river, even flying at narrowboaters, but with canoeists and punters its main targets.

Philippa Noon, River Manager for the Cam Conservators, confirmed that an application had been made to Natural England to relocate the swan, remarking:

"We have done this because there have been a lot of incidents where the bird has attacked rowers, but it's not just them. It is also people in kayaks who have been attacked. We want to move the swan before it or someone comes to grief."

Steve Knight however, a trustee of the Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton, was concerned about the proposed action:

"It would be very sad to see them go. Do we want to start picking and choosing what wildlife we want? Swans were there long before people started using the river to go rowing so they should be allowed to stay. If this goes ahead it sets a worrying precedent."

The swan has been attacking rowers for two years.