Problems on the Macclesfield

Published: Friday, 21 June 2024

THERE are at present two problems on the Macclesfield Canal, with one stopping boat traffic.

These are the leak at Bollington and the failure of the Royal Oak Swing Bridge at Oakgrove, Keith Gudgin reports.

Holding repair

As to the leak between bridges 26 and 27, a 'holding repair' is being carried out.

The Canal & River Trust's teams are currently loading clay into boats to be transported to the site.

This means having to remove the stop planks that were installed to allow a boat to apply a holding repair to the affected area.

If this is is successful, it is hoped to give a window of passage for waiting boats, which is expected to happen this afternoon 21st June.

We are told that the trust is hoping that the holding repairs will allow the canal to remain open for the rest of the main boating months.

Royal Oak Swing MacRoyal Oak Swing Bridge

Though all too often the Royal Oak Swingbridge 29 on the Macclesfield Canal is closed owing to vehicles damaging the barrier pole, it being a blind bend around the pub, this time it is something more serious.

The investigation has shown that the the motor that swings the bridge has deteriorated significantly. This has resulted in specialist contractors being brought in who have made the bridge safe.

It is currently in the open position and closed to road traffic. But open to navigation, that will no longer be restricted. The bridge will remain open to boat traffic.

Contractors are expected today, Friday, 21st June, to remove the motor and take it to a specialist workshop off-site for repair. It is expected this will take two weeks.