What a good idea

Published: Saturday, 08 June 2024

SOMETHING from Mercia that other marinas would do well to follow.

Especially as everything around us becomes more and more complicated, many struggle to figure out how to do something on a laptop or phone and why something that worked okay in the past isn’t working now.

IT help sessions

Over the last few years Jo & Wynne, who have provided IT Help sessions around the area to hundreds of people with all manner of issues, from hardware, software, internet and even as part of PPG (Patient Participation Group) setting up and using the NHS app.

They have now kindly offered sessions to Mercia moorers and lodge owners (they already help in the office). The sessions will be held in the Palace or the office meeting room depending on the number of people attending with the option of one-on-one help.

To best help you, they ask you to complete a form available in the office and will even help complete it.

A good idea indeed.