Two more lock beams fail

Published: Saturday, 08 June 2024

WHAT seems to becoming a trend, is that two more lock beams have failed.

BraunstonLock3Both closing the navigations, Keith Gudgin reports.

Braunston Lock 3 on the Grand Union Canal (pictured) has a report that urgent work is required to make it safe owing to the 'unplanned failure' of the beam. [With Roger Fox telling—Now we know. CaRT seem to have unplanned stoppages so the rest of them are planned, hence the growth in numbers.]

But work is not planned until Tuesday 18th June and will last for three days. There should be some passages available.

Staff & Worcs

The other lock beam failure is on the Staffs & Worcs Canal at Brick Kiln Lock 33 where the top balance beam has failed making the lock inoperable.

But this time there is no intimation when work will either commence or end for its repair.

L11NorthamptonArmThe good news

The good news is from Rodney Hardwick who was prevented using the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal as the lock beam on Lock 11 of the flight had failed and the navigation closed.

It was on the 25th May that the beam broke as Rodney's photograph showed with the repair to take five weeks, but it has been finished much quicker taking just two weeks.

At first a temporary beam was used, but now the correct beam is in place and the navigation open.

Once again Rodney has provided us with a photograph, with all three very much appreciated.