Locomotive Bridge could not be repaired

Published: Saturday, 06 April 2024

ANOTHER problem with the Locomotive Lift Bridge (17) keeps the Huddersfield Broad Canal closed.

It was during last month the electrics to lift bridge on the Huddersfield Broad Canal failed, closing the navigation, Keith Gudgin reports.

This was followed by a promise that the required part would be available and fixed on Thursday (4th) of this week and the navigation reopened.

LocoBridgerestorationHuddersfield 10Water in control box

However when the contractors arrived on site it was discovered that there was water in the box containing the electrical controls for the bridge, so the repair was unable to be undertaken.

So it was sensible to make the box waterproof before the part could be installed to prevent a further problem, so this will be done and the bridge will be open 'in due course'.

It was on the 17th January of this year that the bridge received a detailed inspection, even to using a 'cherry picker' to inspect awkward to reach parts, as shown in the picture.