Watch-out the mountain e-bike is here

Published: Monday, 11 March 2024

THE Jeremy Dyson e-bike factory has announced its 26 inch Mountain e-bike.

It boasts of being equipped with a robust 350W brushless geared motor, that reaches speeds up to 20mph, 'offering the perfect blend of power and endurance for any journey, whether it be your daily commute or a thrilling mountain trail' or likely a canal towpath, as e-bikes are now often seen.

Six levels of power

It tells there are options to engage either throttle or pedal assist modes that come in six levels of power assistance, the e-bike is designed to cater to your unique cycling style, allowing you to effortlessly tap into the extra power when needed, such as when manoeuvring through bustling streets or ascending steep terrain.

The e-bike showcases a detailed LCD display for monitoring gear position, speed, and mileage, providing you with intelligent feedback as you ride.

A versatile 21-speed transmission system, reliable disc brakes for safety, and durable double-walled rims are just a few of the features that make our e-bike a standout, the maker claims.

Direct from Germany

They are sold direct from the German factory and 85 percent pre-assembled, with only a few simple steps left to complete before you can begin your riding adventure.

But what riding adventure? With their legality being questioned in this country and certainly on our towpaths...


Keith Gudgin adds that as we have a maximum of 250 watts and max speed 15.5mph to meet the law, it would not be allowed in this country! E-bikes are not allowed on towpaths either.