Shot themselves in the foot

Published: Monday, 11 March 2024

ONE can't help but feel the National Bargee Travellers Association have rather shot themselves in the foot.

This is in their latest campaign against the boat licence changes, writes Martin Howes.

They proclaim that canals are for everyone whilst at the same time preclude bona fide cruisers from enjoying the honeypots and desirable places that they may like to visit, by their being virtually permanently moored.

Seems fair to me

I also see that during the Keep Canals Alive reception CaRT again re-iterate that licences for boats without a home mooring will increase in line with the increases in utility charges nationally, which seems fair to me.

As regards the increases for wide beams, they are coming into line with other navigation authorities who licence on an area basis rather than just length alone. whilst width on a wide river generally only has an impact on lock capacity, on a narrow canal, the total mooring capacity is compromised.

Whilst the 'Bargees' have appointed themselves the 'guardian of the canals', they really only have their own interests at heart.