Not wanting to work

Published: Monday, 12 February 2024

THE news over the week-end about the number of people not wanting work was no surprise to me, writes T Lang.

For those that missed it, though it was on television, radio and the Sunday papers, I will enlighten. It was from the Office of National Statistics. (One organisation we can believe.)

Economically inactive

It told that in from September to November last year it recorded that 9.25 millions were deemed 'economically inactive' meaning one in five of the entire population aged between 18 and 65, and allowing for students and those taking early retirement, its survey recorded that 7.4 millions told they did not want to work!

So we have otherwise healthy people who are content to live on the welfare state.

The loss to the state of tax revenue, benefit payments, NHS cover, etc due to 'sick Britain' amounting to an estimated 15 billions!

Covid as an excuse

The survey discovered that many were using 'post Covid anxiety' as an excuse, that came in very handy, in addition to the normal excuses of aches and pains.

What has this to do with boating you wonder? In the marina I use during winter and from a friend who moors at the bottom end of the Kennet & Avon Canal and others I have spoken to, I learn many have latched-on to this or are using the well tried and tested old excuses of aches and pains so obtaining a doctors' note, so can get out of working or with any job offered being unsuitable of course and so sponging on us who will work.

I just wonder what is Canal & River Trust's take on this?