Flood water not above jetties

Published: Monday, 12 February 2024

AFTER having flood water well over the jetties in the January floods, Sawley Marina escaped this week-end Trent flood.

floodpier 2003Boaters moored in the marina were told that the water level forecast was that the water level would reduced dramatically over Sunday, with a peak of 2.85 metres, dropping from Saturday forecast of 3.1 metres.

Services and power not effected

Though high water levels they should not be above jetties, and  so services and power should not be affected, within the marina.

The marina team continue to monitor water levels and provide updates, if any significant changes are forecasted.

The image was taken during one of the many floods that we encounted during our years at Sawley Marina, but as can be seen it was not evacuated. The only problem was so many boats are tied securely to their centre roof ring then to the sliding jetty rings with no 'play' whatsoever, then pulling the boat over and it sinking as flood water rushes in.