Absurd numbers

Published: Wednesday, 24 January 2024

IT SEEMS as if you take pot luck as to how large the population is depending upon which site you visit, writes John Coxon.

But which ever way you look at it CaRT's figures are grossly over inflated. There is no way 900,000,000 people live in close proximity to a canal We haven't even got 0.9 billion people in the country!

Every person 12 times a year

And, do they really think we believe that every person in the country visits a waterway over 12 times every year or even a smaller number slightly more?

900,000,000 means there are on average 450,000 people per mile every year or 1,233 per mile per day (24h) for you know as every boater knows, the towpaths are not that crowded even in towns?

Absurd numbers...yes they most definitely are?