"I just don't get it"

Published: Monday, 22 January 2024

I JUST don't get how on earth anyone can calculate the latest conclusion from CaRT, writes T. Lang.

This is that there are 900.000,000 people living within 10 minutes from a navigation. But so what? Is it suggesting that these 'imagined' 900,000,000 all visit the navigations? This is absolutely ridiculous.

Not much distance

I realise it was one of Victor's tongue-in-cheek questions as to whether it is by foot, bike or car, as these conundrums invariably refers to being by foot. Well, I can just manage three miles an hour, so in my case ten minutes it is not very much distance at all.

But this brings me to the obvious, totally unanswerable question of how to calculate just how many people do live within whatever distance?  Totally imposable.

Cannot be calculated

No such data can be calculated, and was why its source could not be given.

It is all very much pie-in-the-sky, as per usual.